Mark Wilkinson

Mark Wilkinson is a musician of substance.  His lyrical depth, gift for melody, and impassioned delivery are quickly establishing him as one of Australia’s most highly regarded singers and songwriters.

Since introducing himself at the end of 2006 with the Cellophane Life EP, Mark has gone on to sell some 30,000 physical records – an incredible feat for any independent artist.  Meanwhile his debut album, Truth Came Running, has been a constant fixture in the iTunes Singer/Songwriter charts since its release in April 2011 - well over a year now!


ILUKA defies definition.  It’s as though this refreshing young Sydney songstress has fused half a century of music’s greatest elements to create something as unique as it is affecting.  Effortlessly moving from swamp rock through doo-wop and into soaring balladry, ILUKA’s musical diversity is equalled only by its striking cohesion.   With a bold and vibrant look to match her sound, this spirited chanteuse delivers infectious grooves, enchanting melodies, and divine vocals that will leave your feet tapping, your heart softened, and your lips upturned.